RulesKeeperMonitoring System

Simple Rules Repository, Functional Monitoring System and QA Tools
for people involved in building and maintaining real life softwares with budget constraints.

Download RulesKeeper (v0.2-20140210)

Documentation is under migration to a new format managed by docbook. Meanwhile, if you have questions don't hesitate to contact us at
Publish Date Version Description
2014-02-10 0.2-20140210 Early Access Version for Features Validation
Publish Date Version Description
2012-08-06 0.2-20120806 Early Access Version for Features Validation
Publish Date Version Description
2013-12-10 3.1.2
3.1.2 (with all required dependencies in a single JAR)
Metrics RulesKeeper Reporter to be used with:
  • com.codahale.metrics:metrics-core:[3.1.0,)
  • org.ruleskeeper:ruleskeeper-protobuf:[0.2,)
  • com.ning:async-http-client:1.7.22
  • RulesKeeper >= 0.2-20131211
Tool Description
Source Control Private Repository: RulesKeeper is under the process to be Open Sourced but for the time being the code is not ready to be public because all basic features are not completely tested. Source code is stored for the moment on a private Git repository hosted by Atlassian BitBucket.

RulesKeeper Public Repository is located on RulesKeeper @ GitHub
Metrics RulesKeeper Reporter: Metrics RulesKeeper @ GitHub
Bug Tracker Submit Issues
License RulesKeeper is distributed under license LGPL v3
Google Groups: Connect to: RulesKeeper @ Google Groups or send email to: ruleskeeper @